The 3-Step System to Harness the Power of “No”

Badass Boundaries 

Are you ready for...

Are you a woman who’s killing it in the conference room, classroom, and living room? 

You’re doing SO much (and kicking ass, thank you very much!), but instead of feeling like a total badass bitch, you feel overwhelmed and burned out. 

You feel like you’re juggling spaghetti. No matter how hard you try, you just don’t feel like you’re keeping it all together. 

Burnout: The struggle is real. 

If this lands for you, then we've got a hunch you also… 

you are doing everything for everybody and putting yourself dead ass lasT. we see you.

have a schedule packed tighter than your boobs in a sports bra

are going through the motions sometimes, where everyday feels like Groundhog Day

say “yes” when you’re asked to pitch in on a project, bring a gluten and dairy-free snack, or herd wild penguins  

Imagine if you...

Guess What?   

"Being in a room full of women contemplating, struggling with, and talking about similar predicaments and problems was empowering and supportive." - Maureen, Anesthesiologist

You're NOT alone 

Finally stop feeling selfish or lazy when you want (need!) a fucking minute to breathe

Gave yourself compassion instead of beating up on yourself for being human

Spent your precious time and energy doing epic shit

Had a shorter to-do list

This is all possible when you stop putting yourself
Dead Ass Last
and start setting some
Badass Boundaries.

This workshop was such a breath of fresh air. Avery, Jamie and Lucy led a peaceful and eye opening session on how to break some bad habits and learn how to say no. I realized how often I say yes to please others or avoid guilt, and this evening opened my eyes to when and how to say no, the power in saying it, and why to be totally ok with it. I'm a pleaser by nature so no isn't going to become my new favorite word, but I know I'll think twice so my yes's and no's are intentional (and maybe I'll even remember to say it for my own sake). The workshop was relatable, helpful, full of great advice, and a lot of fun."
- Klaire, Brand Management at an Advertising Agency

Once you reclaim YOUR right to get YOUR needs met, establish YOUR standards and values, and become confidently Badass, you’ll notice other amazing things like…

Having more LIFE in your life: hot yoga, hot sex, and/or hot chocolate. Whatever hot you like! We're not here to judge!

Doing less of the “shoulds” and more of the “hell yeahs”

Keeping a schedule that doesn’t make you feel like punching someone in the throat

- Marina, Artist/Designer

"The energy was badass! The leaders very well rounded. The materials to support the workshop are outstanding."

We have a spot saved just for you. 

Are you ready to set some
Badass Boundaries? 


The 3-step system to harness the power of no

Badass Boundaries

 "If you're caught on the hamster wheel of doing all of the things- there's a way off! The Badass Boundaries Workshop not only helps you see and understand your role in the madness, but also provides you with steps you can use right now to help you move further up on your own to-do list. You're taken on a journey of what's currently happening in your own life, where you want to see changes (becoming a badass boundary maker), and ways to overcome obstacles to those changes. And, there's a shit ton (actual metric) of tangible ready to use - right now, no excuses - action steps." Sheila, LAMFT

This workshop will be led by Your Badass Bitch Guides, Jamie, Lucy, and Avery. You can learn more about us in the "About" section below. 


Badass Boundaries: The 3-Step System to Harness the Power of No is a 90-minute workshop teaching you how to say “no” without feeling guilty or selfish.


Here are the Details

Thursday, September 29, 2022
7:00-8:30pm CST

When and Where?

Register for
virtual workshop

virtually via Zoom

What Else?

Badass Boundaries Toolkit

We'd love to come home with you, but since we can't...our toolkit makes it easy to put everything you have learned into practice in your own life.

Wine, Cheese, and Chocolate!

If you come IN PERSON, you'll have some extra time after the workshop to connect with other Badasses.
And we provide yummy snacks! 


You're not alone in feeling Dead Ass Last. Connection with other Badass women is our secret sauce.
Bring a friend, and make a friend! 

Your ticket to Badass Boundaries also Includes: 


Register for
virtual workshop

Join Badass Boundaries and discover everything you need to start saying “no” to protect your “yes.”

Ready to set some Badass Boundaries? 

(or $147 for you and a friend to come together!)

feel exhausted and are sick and tired of being sick and tired.

want to get out of auto-pilot mode and take control of your time. 

are a people pleaser and are a little (or a lot) worried about what would happen if you stopped.

feel stretched too thin.

want some quick and easy changes that get you more "me time."

crave connection with badass women.

already have it all figured out.

are offended by cursing, as we have potty mouths!

are looking for counseling or therapy. We are psychologists, but we are not wearing our therapist hats during these workshops. We come to this experience as teachers and guides.  

On the other hand, 
You might want to skip this if

Badass Boundaries
is perfect for you if: 

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    Ready to stop putting yourself Dead Ass Last? 

    Join Badass Boundaries and discover everything you need to stop feeling frantic and start taking control of your life.

    Register for
    virtual workshop

    (or $147 for you and a friend to come together!)

    Jamie, Lucy, and Avery

    We are 3 psychologists who help women reclaim their Inner Badass. Over the past 15 years, we've each taught our clients how to stand up for themselves and how to step into their power. Now, we’ve bottled up everything we know about saying no in this in-depth training so you too can lighten your load and do more of what lights you up. 

    Your Badass Bitch Guides

    We don't offer refunds but would be happy to provide a recording of the Badass Boundaries Workshop if you’re not able to join live. Reach out to us at and we'll get it figured out. 

    What is your refund policy?

    The workshop will take around 90 minutes, and if you come to the live event, there will be time before and after to grab some wine, chat with badass women, and eat yummy cheese and chocolate. 

    How long do I get to hang out with you badasses? 

    Look at you, Badass! That’s awesome! We’d love you to pass this along to a friend! 

    What if I already know how to set badass boundaries?

    I’ve got another question.

    Great! Send us an email at and we’ll get back to you ASAP.


    - Loren, Mom and Women's Health Coach

    I enjoyed the in-person workshop because the presenters were candid and provided learning experiences that will benefit me in the future. I was struggling with burnout before attending the workshop and I took away tools that will help me tackle to-do lists in a more thoughtful manner.


    Ready to set some Badass Boundaries?

    Join Badass Boundaries and discover everything you need to connect with your needs and start setting limits.

    Register for
    virtual workshop

    (or $147 for you and a friend to come together!)

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